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Dental technology such as air abrasion, ultrasonic scaling, digital radiography, intraoral camera and diagnodent are available at Warren Dentistry.  Dr. Dhayni of Warren Dentistry uses such dental technologies to make dental procedures and appointments more comfortable and quicker.


Air abrasion is a drill less and painless procedure that involves using a special handpiece that blows a mixture of dry clean air and small abrasive particles onto your tooth.  

Air abrasion is used for the following reasons:

  • Remove, repair and clean out small cavities.
  • Remove and eliminate small stains or discolorations from your teeth.
  • Repairing defects in the surface of your tooth such as small cracks or chips.
  • Preparing teeth for dental restorations.

The are many advantages of using air abrasion instead of a dental drill.  Air abrasion does not touch your tooth resulting in little or no heat, pressure, sound or vibration. Air abrasion removes tooth structure with great precision preserving the strength of your natural tooth and it removes less tooth structure than the dental drill which reduces the risk of enamel micro fracturing.  Using a dental drill requires the use of an anesthetic, while air abrasion usually does not require an anesthetic.  And lastly, the procedure is rather simple and quick. 

Ultrasonic Scaling is a dental procedure that uses a dental instrument to give off vibrations that gently remove plaque, tartar and bacteria from below your gum line.  Ultrasonic scaling is most often used to treat and prevent periodontal gum disease.  Combining ultrasonic scaling with hand scaling will remove plaque, tartar and bacteria more efficiently and effectively than just hand scaling alone. 

Dental office with the latest technologyDigital dental radiography captures x-ray images of your teeth and mouth by using computerized equipment and software.  We expose the area of your mouth and teeth to a small sensor that captures a digital image onto the computer.  Digital dental radiography is faster, more effective and much safer than traditional dental radiography.  Traditional dental radiography requires chemical development of the x-ray before you can view them and the photo cannot be adjusted.  Digital x-rays can be viewed on the computer screen just moments after exposure, eliminating chemical development and the x-rays can be adjusted if they are hard to see.  Digital x-rays are safer for the environment and for you because the amount of the x-ray radiation is 80%-90% less than with traditional dental x-rays. 

An intraoral camera is a tiny video camera that looks like a small wand.  We can zoom in on your teeth and mouth and provide photographs and videos for you and your dental records.  The intraoral camera gives both you and the dentist a close-up view of your teeth and inside your mouth making diagnosing and treatment decisions easier and more accurate. 

Diagnodent is a laser technology that detects tooth decay by taking the tip of the diagnodent and scanning your teeth with a harmless fluorescent laser light.  When decay is detected the laser light bounces back to the sensor and produces adigital readout.  The higher the number, the greater the amount of tooth decay.  Diagnodent can even find the smallest amount of tooth decay that visual examination, dental probing and x-rays cannot.  Early detection of tooth decay prevents more extensive damage and treatment is generally less expensive. 

The use of various dental technology in dentistry can made diagnosing and treatment procedures more efficient, effective and less painful.  Dr. Dhayni of Warren Dentistry uses dental technologies at his dental office.  He is dedicated to making sure his patients receive excellent dental care. You can contact Dr. Dhayni of Warren dentistry by calling (586)-558-8200 or by emailing us at info@warrendentistry.com.  Our office is located at 30205 Schoenherr Rd, Suite E, Warren, Michigan 48088. 


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